Monthly Events for Agents

Our Regular Schedule

Second Mondays at 11 am: Office Meeting *

  • Highlights and important information from the NWMLS, REALTOR Associations, WR Legal Hotline, RE/MAX and the office are presented
  • There are opportunities to hear from and share experiences with others in the office as we discuss the current market and industry conditions, as well as our upcoming listings and buyers' searches
  • Meetings are in-person at the office; are also available online and recorded


Second Thursdays at 12 pm: MAX/Tech by kvCORE **

  • Each month different features of MAX/Tech by kvCORE will be explored and explained to help agents utilize the tech platform
  • These are practical, hands-on sessions, and agents may leave with tasks completed
  • Sessions are online via Zoom


Third Tuesdays at 2 pm: Growth Masters Book Club

  • Book subjects typically include personal or professional growth, but may vary
  • Each month we read and discuss a different book, with the next book announced in advance
  • Participants will have opportunities to provide input and feedback about the books to be read
  • Discussions are online via Zoom
  • This book club is open to everyone interested in personal and professional growth, especially those in the real estate industry


Fourth Wednesdays at 2 pm: Professional Development *

  • These are monthly opportunities to collaborate and synergize with other brokers about a distinct topic or few, to help sharpen skills and boost business while relevant information and tips are shared
  • Topics and information are practical and specific to the current market
  • Some sessions are in-person at the office; are also available online and recorded
  • Some sessions are available online and not recorded
  • Unless noted, professional development opportunities hosted at the office are open to all real estate brokers


Fourth Tuesdays at 10 am: Lead Generation **

  • This is an open and flexible hour for agents to discuss their current lead generation activities, as well as recent results
  • If agents wish, they may request feedback, tips and/or accountability from other participants and the session leader
  • Sessions are online via Zoom



* These are the most important and recommended meetings/sessions.

** A partnership with another RE/MAX Broker/Owner has been established to provide additional professional development opportunities. These sessions are led by Joannine Kramarsic, a Marketing & Business Development Specialist.