Our Community Service

At least once a year we dedicate half of a day to serving our local community!


In 2023 there was consensus among everyone in the office to volunteer at our local food bank. The Federal Way Food Bank at the Multi-Service Center provides essential resources to individuals and families in need of supplemental food. It serves over 4,000 household visits per month in the food bank and another 2,000 household services with free home delivery of food. The Market-style Food Bank allows them to serve the community with dignity and respect, where clients can choose from the items available to feed their households, rather than merely being handed a predetermined quantity and selection of foods.


On October 2nd we helped prepare over 150 bags of non-perishable groceries and another 150 bags of produce to be delivered to families unable to travel to the food bank. We enjoyed the experience and opportunity to directly impact families in our local community of Federal Way. After all, access to food is a basic human right and nobody deserves to be hungry.